Ally Cadence Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy
0800 23 43 762
0333 44 43 762
" Supporting families affected
  by SMA Type 1 "
" Supporting families affected
  by SMA Type 1 "
0800 23 43 762
0333 44 43 762
0800 23 43 762
0333 44 43 762
" Supporting families affected by SMA Type 1 "

Fundraising Ideas

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We rely solely on donations and our own fundraising to bring money in so we are always grateful of people arranging events to raise funds for us.  All that we ask is that you are safe and do everything legally. If you would like any advice or help with events you are planning please contact us and we will do everything we can to help out.
The key to a good event is publicity. Put posters/leaflets out about your event so as many people as possible are aware. If you need any posters printing please email with your details and we will be happy to make these and send them out to you. Contact your local newspapers with details of what you are doing, and invite them along to take pictures on the day. Get in touch with local Businesses, they may sponsor your event, making it much cheaper and easier to arrange.
Here are a few ideas to get you started;

Fun Day
Get a few of you together and organise a Fun Day at your local pub/club. You could contact local Businesses and see if they would be interested in taking part in a charity football match. Together with a few games, raffle, bouncy castle and food would be a good day for the whole family. 
Quiz Night
Organize a quiz night in your local Community Centre or Pub. Charge for entry into the Quiz and see if you can get a prize donated for the Winning team.
Civvies Day
This always goes down very well in Schools. Why not contact your local School along with local Businesses and see if they will support you in a non-uniform / dress down day. You could charge 50 pence per person to wear whatever they like.
Do you have a talent you would like to show off or do you know a group that could put on a good performance? Put together a concert/show and charge for entry tickets. You could also hold a raffle at the interval.
Sponsored Events
If you would like to complete a sponsored event please contact the office with your request and we will send you some sponsor forms. It is important that names and addresses on these forms are completed in full if the person sponsoring you would like us to claim gift aid. Get all people involved to speak to their workplace about your event, as some offer a scheme where they will match your donation, especially Banks and Building Societies. There are many different events you can get sponsors for, and some you can include all the family in too. 
Ally Cadence Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy
We have many different events planned for the upcoming months to raise money for the Ally Cadence Trust, please see our news and events page for more details on how you can come along and support us at these events.

Why not visit our shop and pick up a few bits to show your support!

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