Ally Cadence Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy
0800 23 43 762
0333 44 43 762
" Supporting families affected
  by SMA Type 1 "
" Supporting families affected
  by SMA Type 1 "
0800 23 43 762
0333 44 43 762
0800 23 43 762
0333 44 43 762
" Supporting families affected by SMA Type 1 "

Butterfly Funds

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The Ally Cadence Trust has set up "Butterfly Funds" which enables people to donate money to us in memory/tribute of a loved one.
If you would like to set up a Butterfly Fund please contact us on 0800 23 43 762 or email and we will send confirmation to you. Any money donated via this Butterfly Fund will be added to your account and the total donated will show online.
There are lots of ways you can raise money towards a Butterfly account, including Sponsored Events, Fundraising and donations on Special days, such as Birthdays, Christmas and Anniversaries. You can either donate a one off payment, or set up a regular subscription payment. 

Butterfly Fund milestones

Once your Butterfly Fund reaches set milestones you will receive a gift in recognition.
At £500 you will have the option of receiving either a Butterfly Garden or a Star, registered in the name of your choice.  The Butterfly Garden allows you to grow beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies from Caterpillars (approximately 4 weeks) to release into the wild. This would make a lovely tribute for a Birthday, Anniversary, or other special day. Please note the caterpillars are only available March to September due to the weather.

After a further £1,000 we will purchase a small tree in memory/tribute of your loved one, that can be planted in the garden.

When your Butterfly Fund reaches a total of £3,000 we will, as a thank you for your support, send a wooden bench with personalised plaque in memory of your child
Current Butterfly Funds

To donate to a Butterfly Fund, please click on the appropriate child's name below;

Charlotte Goddard
Eilys Elisabeth Hartley
Ella Sergiew
Elodie Cullingford
Harry Fish
Harvey Butler
Leo Mclaughlin-Taylor
Ophelia Rose Sparkes
Roxy Louise Brownsword
Sean Browne-Keating
Sophie Harling
Please Note:
All donations are taken through PayPal, however you DO NOT need a PayPal account to donate. The donation system allows you to donate using your debit or credit card, without having to sign up for PayPal.

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